Marta pinto ribeiro


contemporary jewellery

Born on the expected date, in Porto, city where she lives and works. For a while.
Sculptor graduated by Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto  and Master in Artistic and Cultural Management from ESE-IPVC, she also graduated in Jewelery and Photography Techniques.
She has participated in group exhibitions since the beginning of this century and, for a limited time, participated in public art projects in Portugal, Mozambique and Brazil. She co-founded the artistic group “Senhorio” and Verde-Rubro Cultural and Artistic Association. In 2017 she co-created the Collectiva | Joalharia de Autor platform with store / gallery in Porto.
Since 2015 she has been devoted almost entirely to jewelery. She occupied her grandfather's workshop, a place that had fascinated her from an early age by the sound of machines and tools, the smell of seals or dyed rouge walls.
Frequently, she is required to train in Alternative Photographic Processes or to assist in the production of cultural events.
There might be a lot more to say but... that's enough for now.